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Watch What is Structured Data? (Or Schema.org, metadata, and Open Graph) on Youtube

What is Structured Data? (Or Schema.org, metadata, and Open Graph)

The last time you played a song in your car and the title showed up on the radio screen, you saw metadata in action—information that is hidden behind the scenes to provide additional detail about a file or system. Websites have metadata to provide information about the company, content type, publishing date, and more.

Structured Data, commonly ‘Schema.org’ is a collaboration between Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Yandex to provide a consistent format for websites. Using this clear format allows search engines to correctly categorize websites and interpret content.

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Watch Why it is a good idea to plan and build (web) software in stages on Youtube

Why it is a good idea to plan and build (web) software in stages

It is natural to approach a new project with the finish line in your sights, and in our experience that always leads to wasted money and time. We always recommend a modular build strategy where features are split into different development phases. Why? Let’s take a look at the top 4 modular strategy advantages.

Unforeseen options. During the design process it is inevitable that there will be changes in features, specifications, and even sometimes products themselves—it is difficult to anticipate every possible outcome and useful to be able to change gears without undoing hours of project management and product scope.

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Watch Nonverbal Communication - Why feet are usually honest on Youtube

Nonverbal Communication - Why feet are usually honest

During childhood we are taught to mask our feelings to be polite and socially graceful. Our facial expressions, voice tone, arms, hands are just a few of the things we quickly learn to control. Feet motion, however, is usually not something that a parent would correct and thus we rarely learn to control our feet and their various forms of expression.

Entire volumes could be written on the body language of feet, but let’s keep it to three interesting ways feet express how people really feel.

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Watch Why email links are dangerous. 4 minutes to save you a LOT of headaches. on Youtube

Email phishing: why clicking links is a bad idea

Everyone knows you have to be careful with links sent via email, but most people don’t know exactly why. Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s important to know that it is still relatively easy to make an email appear to come from someone else. This is called spoofing, and allows unscrupulous people to send an email that appears to come from your bank, your credit card, your web host, or anywhere else.

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Watch What is an API? (And why is it needed?) on Youtube

What is an API? (And why is it needed?)

An API, or Application Programming Interface, is an interface to a software system designed to allow access from another system. In other words, a computer talking to a computer. A great human analogy would be you as a Point Of Sale software system, and a county records office as Quickbooks. If you go looking for a record of something the clerk at the front desk will ask who you are and why you need it. The clerk here is similar to an API, and the inquiry about who you are would be authentication. Once this step is passed successfully a request is made and the records clerk (API) would then find your file and bring it back to you. Note how you never access the complete file system, but instead ask the clerk to retrieve or store the information for you. They are the interface to a much larger system and all information passes through them with strict rules.
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Watch Five tips for hiring the right web developer on Youtube

Five tips for hiring the right web developer

Hiring the right developer can make a significant impact on business growth, system efficiency, and even team morale. Tech is at the heart of modern business and if systems break down things fall off the rails all too quickly.

So, how do you know who to hire? You’re almost certainly not a developer yourself, so assessing skills can be a challenge. And even then, there is a wide variety of developer mentalities and as developers ourselves, we can say that we’re kind of a strange lot. So with that in mind here are five tips for hiring the right developer.

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