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Watch Your printed documents have fingerprints - Machine Identification Code (MIC) on Youtube

Your printed documents have fingerprints - Machine Identification Code (MIC)

In the 80's Xerox designed a way to hide information in plain sight as a way to combat counterfeiting. An ingenious, simple, and hidden code of small yellow dots called Printer Steganography were added to each printed document to include the date and time of printing and the serial number of the printer.

This yellow dot matrix is virtually imperceptible to the human eye, but can be easily captured and decoded with a scanner or camera. Since then, new variations have been used, including using various shades of grey within the printed matter to include data. Whatever you print with, there’s a very good chance there is some form of MIC being included on your printouts. Is it ingenious tracking? Absolutely. Is it a good thing? You decide.

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Watch Rocket Powered Coffee Machine - Mazuzu Absurd Contraptions on Youtube

Rocket Powered Coffee Machine - Absurd Contraptions

Sometimes a regular coffee maker just isn’t quite good enough. Sometimes it takes a little more zest to get the most out of our brew. May we present our latest contraption, the Mazuzu Rocket-powered Coffee Machine. Sure it doesn’t work all that well, leaves scorch marks all over the place, and fills the room with a fair amount of smoke; but let’s be reasonable, all good things have their drawbacks. Our Mr. Coffee drip machine just doesn’t look the same anymore and coffee without some carbon is just lacking.

Welcome to Mazuzu. We’re a little bit mental and we have fun with what we do. Up next, the diesel blender. Or the jet-powered toaster. We’re not sure which is a higher priority.

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Watch An example of tech keeping things fun in the workplace on Youtube

Avast Ye Scallywag! An example of tech keeping things fun in the workplace

We believe that having fun is one of the most important aspects to business. Sure, there’s hard work, discipline, focus, and a few other things that are needed too, but having fun is the fuel for our creative thinking and motivation.

Automated reminders for a smile or a laugh are little gems that are worth their weight in gold, and this one just tickles us to no end. Whenever someone reacts to our posts a pirate shouts at us. At the moment this pirate has a limited repertoire of “FULL AHEAD!” for positive reactions and “ABANDON SHIP!” for negative ones, but we’re thinking of expanding this significantly. What do you think? Geoffrey Rush shouting orders as Captain Barbossa is as motivational as it gets. The possibilities!

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