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SAAS v.s Custom Software. When and why.

We often hear the question “Should I build my own software or use off-the-shelf systems that are already out there?” and the answer is fairly simple: if you can find SAAS that meets your needs, use it. Because the development cost is shared by all of the users the price is low and the system is maintained and updated at no additional cost.

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However, in most cases it is nearly impossible to find SAAS to actually meet your needs, and that is where custom systems come in. Custom-built web software usually pays for itself quickly and is a very good investment. It also allows for a much more innovative approach to business as it is tailored to YOU—if you want to try something different it can be easily built in to your system.

We get to watch businesses evolve with custom-built systems and it’s a joy to see. When the power of computing is unleashed in a practical way it makes a notable difference throughout an entire company from operations to product quality.

In short: Talk with a developer to get a quote for a custom system and then weigh your options. It is usually surprisingly accessible to build custom. If you don’t have a developer, give us a call (855 4-MAZUZU) to talk through your goals.

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Watch SAAS vs Custom Software. When and why on Youtube