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Quality does not = value! Respect the time of your viewers

Quality doesn’t always equal value. First and foremost ask yourself are you providing value to your viewer, regardless of how polished and professional your content may look. Respect the time it takes to consume your content and make it worthwhile. Make it beneficial. Make it GOOD.

If you are producing videos, consider cutting down some of the dead wood and use faster pacing in general. For written content the same principle applies—provide concentrated, edited, high-quality content that gives value to the consumer.

Watch Quality does not = VALUE! Respect the time of your viewers on Youtube

Be mindful of various forms of bias when creating content. The effort put in and the challenge of presenting an idea or entertainment can skew the creator’s perception of their own content. Don’t be afraid to be critical and get it right, and at the same time remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be valuable.

Do a little research on content provided by popular channels and observe the general attitude toward cutting, pacing, editing, writing, and content itself. Then go back to honing your content.

In short: remember the people who are on the other side of the screen.

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Watch Quality does not = VALUE! Respect the time of your viewers on Youtube