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Nonverbal Communication - Why feet are usually honest

During childhood we are taught to mask our feelings to be polite and socially graceful. Our facial expressions, voice tone, arms, hands are just a few of the things we quickly learn to control. Feet motion, however, is usually not something that a parent would correct and thus we rarely learn to control our feet and their various forms of expression.

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Entire volumes could be written on the body language of feet, but let’s keep it to three interesting ways feet express how people really feel:

Light on your feet. When people are happy they appear to weigh less and their feet usually are nimble and quick, and when people are sad their feet appear much more planted and heavy.

Kicking. When a person is seated their feet are free to make kicking motions with ease. This can be a sign that the person is unhappy with something and is trying to kick away the subject itself. Watch for sudden changes in this motion.

Pointing direction. The direction in which feet point can tell a lot about where the person wants to go. If you are talking to someone and their torso is pointed toward you but their feet are pointed toward the door, they are ready to leave.

Start watching and do some research on the body language of feet. It’s interesting and useful knowledge.

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Watch Nonverbal Communication - Why feet are usually honest on Youtube