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Yes, you’re being watched. Mouse tracking and more.

Most people know that website visits are logged and things like locations and IP addresses are stored in logs somewhere in a dusty corner of the internet. The fact of the matter is that this is just the surface of a complex and fascinating world of web traffic analysis.

Watch Yes, you’re being watched. Mouse tracking and more. on Youtube

Details about the device you are using are logged, including: your operating system, browser, browser plugins, CPU, GPU, and battery levels. But it gets even more interesting from there because systems are now collecting an excellent log of human behavior.

The way a site is used can tell a lot about the viewers experience with that site and their personality in general. Analysis of focus is often made through recording mouse movements. Cognitive analysis is made through recording things like how fast a user types, how well they spell, and how long various actions take to complete. And content engagement analysis is made through logging how and where scrolling starts and stops.

Data is compiled into heatmaps, multi-dimensional reports, and even AI analysis of content quality. This sort of tracking is great for businesses to refine the quality of presentation and content, and scary for anyone concerned with privacy.

The takeaway is to remember that every aspect of your web browsing is recorded and analyzed by most sites.

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Watch Yes, you’re being watched. Mouse tracking and more. on Youtube