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One minute overviews of ideas and strategies we consider helpful in our work. Time is money!
Watch How does a website remember you? (What cookies are) on Youtube

How does a website remember you? (How cookies work)

From user accounts to shopping carts, websites use cookies to keep track of visitors in order to properly display content. We’ve all heard of cookies but what exactly are they? Good question.

A cookie is a small amount of data stored on a user’s computer and sent back with various requests. In short, it’s typically a user ID. Once a website understands who you are, it can deliver information relevant to you specifically—shopping carts, user dashboards, targeted ads, and much more.

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Watch The SEO tool you have and don’t know about. Lighthouse - the one minute overview on Youtube

The SEO tool you have and don’t know about: Lighthouse

There’s a great little tool housed inside Google Chrome called Lighthouse. It’s a testing and reporting system to determine webpage performance and offer suggestions about speed, accessibility, best practices, SEO, and Progressive Web Apps. Don’t worry if you’re not a developer as this information is clearly presented and built into basic overall scores.

This test is run page by page (not website by website) so try running it on your home page, your product/post page, etc. Do some analysis of your site and see what needs a little adjustment to work well. And remember, this isn’t just for SEO, this is also for general user experience. Treat your visitors right and Google will reward you for it, so make that site FAST! Make it accessible, and keep your code clean and up to date.

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Watch An example of tech keeping things fun in the workplace on Youtube

Avast Ye Scallywag! An example of tech keeping things fun in the workplace

We believe that having fun is one of the most important aspects to business. Sure, there’s hard work, discipline, focus, and a few other things that are needed too, but having fun is the fuel for our creative thinking and motivation.

Automated reminders for a smile or a laugh are little gems that are worth their weight in gold, and this one just tickles us to no end. Whenever someone reacts to our posts a pirate shouts at us. At the moment this pirate has a limited repertoire of “FULL AHEAD!” for positive reactions and “ABANDON SHIP!” for negative ones, but we’re thinking of expanding this significantly. What do you think? Geoffrey Rush shouting orders as Captain Barbossa is as motivational as it gets. The possibilities!

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Watch Don’t lose yourself while branding on Youtube

Don’t lose yourself while branding

The problem with branding is how easy it is to abandon company essence by building a facade of what we think our customers wish to see. This is a bad strategy and a losing battle from the start. This distortion of the concept of branding is both ineffective and detrimental.

Good branding requires first determining your essence and being the best version of yourself and THEN communicating that in a clear, consistent way that your customers can actually hear.

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Watch SAAS vs Custom Software. When and why on Youtube

SAAS vs Custom Software. When and why

We often hear the question “Should I build my own software or use off-the-shelf systems that are already out there?” and the answer is fairly simple: if you can find SAAS that meets your needs, use it. Because the development cost is shared by all of the users the price is low and the system is maintained and updated at no additional cost.

However, in most cases it is nearly impossible to find SAAS to actually meet your needs, and that is where custom systems come in. Custom-built web software usually pays for itself quickly and is a very good investment. It also allows for a much more innovative approach to business as it is tailored to YOU—if you want to try something different it can be easily built in to your system.

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