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Watch Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and web development on Youtube

Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and web development

Minimum Viable Product is simply a strategy in which a product is introduced to market as soon as possible and then the additional features are built while learning from customer feedback. Typically this means that a roadmap of features is drawn and features are released one by one, but in extreme cases, products aren’t even fully functional until a presale has been made.

While certainly not ideal for many products, MVP is a strategy that works well in web development as it is very easy to release updates and gather feedback. Invariable customers will have opinions and perspectives that differ from your own and getting feedback early will allow for adaptation without significant extra expense.

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Watch What is Structured Data? (Or Schema.org, metadata, and Open Graph) on Youtube

What is Structured Data? (Or Schema.org, metadata, and Open Graph)

The last time you played a song in your car and the title showed up on the radio screen, you saw metadata in action—information that is hidden behind the scenes to provide additional detail about a file or system. Websites have metadata to provide information about the company, content type, publishing date, and more.

Structured Data, commonly ‘Schema.org’ is a collaboration between Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Yandex to provide a consistent format for websites. Using this clear format allows search engines to correctly categorize websites and interpret content.

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Watch Google Trends - The Universally Helpful Tool  on Youtube

Google Trends - The Universally Helpful Tool

Do you know what your audience is doing? Spotting attention, knowing where people are focused, being in touch with current trends is important and yet so easily overlooked and misinterpreted. Without some general knowledge of where interest falls, we are flying blind and simply hoping for the best. Most online businesses use the traffic stats of their own website to gain insight into what people want and where they lose interest, but in the best case of a large company this is working within the bubble of a small data set, and when launching a new company or product this simply isn’t an option.
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Watch Why it is a good idea to plan and build (web) software in stages on Youtube

Why it is a good idea to plan and build (web) software in stages

It is natural to approach a new project with the finish line in your sights, and in our experience that always leads to wasted money and time. We always recommend a modular build strategy where features are split into different development phases. Why? Let’s take a look at the top 4 modular strategy advantages.

Unforeseen options. During the design process it is inevitable that there will be changes in features, specifications, and even sometimes products themselves—it is difficult to anticipate every possible outcome and useful to be able to change gears without undoing hours of project management and product scope.

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Watch Yes, you’re being watched. Mouse tracking and more. on Youtube

Yes, you’re being watched. Mouse tracking and more.

Most people know that website visits are logged and things like locations and IP addresses are stored in logs somewhere in a dusty corner of the internet. The fact of the matter is that this is just the surface of a complex and fascinating world of web traffic analysis.

Details about the device you are using are logged, including: your operating system, browser, browser plugins, CPU, GPU, and battery levels. But it gets even more interesting from there because systems are now collecting an excellent log of human behavior.

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Watch Why email links are dangerous. 4 minutes to save you a LOT of headaches. on Youtube

Email phishing: why clicking links is a bad idea

Everyone knows you have to be careful with links sent via email, but most people don’t know exactly why. Let’s take a closer look.

First, it’s important to know that it is still relatively easy to make an email appear to come from someone else. This is called spoofing, and allows unscrupulous people to send an email that appears to come from your bank, your credit card, your web host, or anywhere else.

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