Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration is one of the most powerful ways to reclaim lost employee productivity and maximize returns from customer-facing systems. It is the era of the API, it is now possible to connect business applications, sync data, automate, and monitor with ease and power like never before. Complete and seamless integrations ensure optimal efficiency with minimal siloing allowing your team to focus where it matters.

We are a full-service Salesforce solution ready to bring your instance to the next level. Visit our obligation-free Salesforce cost calculator to determine project budget requirements. Then contact us to get a free personalized estimate and project consultation.

Friendly Knowledgable Team
The Mazuzu Promise: energy, passion, and focus on the end goal; we will always continue past "that'll do" in pursuit of excellence; we will only create designs we know to be right by all standards; and we only take on projects we find interesting. Working with us will be a process full of fun, oddity, and interest—a process culminating in a result that satisfies everyone.
Our Salesforce Services Include
  • Organization and association membership
  • Pardot web integrations and setup
  • Lightning setup and optimization
  • Data automation and processes
  • Web-facing lead generation
  • Consulting and training
  • Custom API development
  • Web and application integrations
  • Process and workflow optimization
  • Security and data protection
  • Data analytics
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I have worked with Mazuzu on several occasions. To say that I was satisfied is definitely an understatement. I received the final product on time and surpassing my greatest expectations.
– Raymond S.