Web Design Price Calculator

This web design price calculator is designed to help people determine the cost of individual website elements and plan a site that perfectly balances features and budget.

Obligation free, easy, and fun—simply select the features you want in the calculator and note price changes in real time. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us, or call us at 1-855-4MAZUZU

Design and Style
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Simple, Easy, Effective.
Small Business
Business-grade. Beautiful.
Cutting-edge. Powerful.
Our development is always tailored to fit requirements and budget. Startup grade is quick, inexpensive, and light while enterprise grade is bulletproof and cutting-edge. Choose whichever grade best fits your budget and needs.

How We Keep Our Prices Competitive

High work efficiency and a low company overhead allow us to provide beautiful cutting edge design at a rate that is competitive in the market. We proudly provide services that offer a high return on investment for our customers by delivering quality work and modern technology. Learn more about our web design services.

What You Get

Now you have a price, let's take a look at what you get. You are getting the help and experience of the Mazuzu team. Helping businesses grow is what we do all day long, and we love it. We will work with you to create a website that is tailored to fit the needs of you and your customers. Take a look at our development page

StartupSmall BusinessEnterprise
Design & Style
Logo Design $700$1,500$8,000
Branding $1,000$3,500$10,000
Pages, Mobile Friendly (Responsive Design) $1,000 (1-10)$3,800 (11-20)$7,500 (20+)
Animation $200$500$1,500
Copywriting $400$800$4500
Site Search $500$1,100$3,000
Blog $400$1,000$2,500
CMS $200$800$5,000
Secure User Login / User Profiles $1,500$4,000$14,000
Enhanced Security $500$2,500$10,000
Facebook Messenger Integration $150$300$2,200
SMS Integration $150$300$800
Mailchip/Constant Contact Integration $150$300$500
Chatbots $150$600$1,100
Video Calls $150$600$1,400
Social Media
Instagram Integration $100$300$700
Facebook Integration $300$400$600
Twitter Integration $200$400$600
Youtube Integration $150$450$900
Pinterest Integration $150$300$600
Tumblr Integration $150$450$600
LinkedIn Integration $150$450$900
Stripe Integration (Payments) $600$1,100$6,000
PayPal Integration (Payments) $600$1,100$6,000
Square Integration (Payments) $600$1,100$6,000
Product Administration $2,000$6,000$23,000
Downloadable Media $900$1,900$4,800
Pardot web integrations and setup $1,200$5,000$20,000
Lightning setup and optimization $2,300$6,000$30,000
Data automation and processes $2,300$6,000$35,000
Consulting and training $1,000$5,000$10,000
Custom API development $1,000$5,000$20,000
Operations Data
Google Analytics Integration $100$250$3,500
Google Docs Integration $500$1,200$2,500
Quickbooks Integration $950$1,300$2,000
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO Services $350$900$2,500
Rich Text Markup (Schema.org) $150$280$800
Speed Optimization $150$200$600
Wordpress SEO $150$250$1,000
Keyword Research and Optimization $350$900$2,500
Hosting and Domains
Hosting Management & Setup (Monthly) $40$60$250
Hosting Backup & Security (Monthly) $10$20$100
Managed SSL TLS (https) (Monthly) $10$20$100
Domain Management and Setup $100$100$100
Video Production
Editing (per minute) $800$1,000$1,100
Filming (per minute) $500$700$800
Intros $550$1,000$1,500
Graphics (per graphic) $300$500$700
Retouching (per minute) $75$200$300
Audio mastering $180$300$800

Capitol Membership

Introducing Capitol Membership

Being based in the Washington D.C. area we continually see associations and organizations struggling to efficiently handle membership management. More and more teams are migrating to the cloud in an attempt to unify data and ease pressures on staff, and handling membership is typically an expensive custom-built integration. We decided to make web software that easily handles membership operations, such as payment processing and email reminders, while also integrating with Wordpress and Drupal websites. Our new system is reliable, secure, and most importantly it is efficient.