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Welcome to project Hamilton — the newsletter service for everyone. Offering an easy and inexpensive way to send newsletters to your contacts, clients, colleagues, or cohorts regardless of who you are or what you do. Hamilton provides the capability to compile and maintain separate mailing lists for different communication purposes; import addresses and mailing lists from your current mail client; build and save newsletters as well as set custom send times; and gather statistical data for project analysis.

Placing the entire composition and design process in your hands, we offer you complete creative control. Whether you prefer working in your own word processor, designing in our online editor, using our template, or simply hard coding, we're sure that the design process will be both smooth and enjoyable. And don't forget we include the capability of hosting images right here for stylish and fast loading newsletters.

Are you an organized person that's always ahead of schedule? Or are you someone that forgets to send things when the time comes? (We certainly land squarely in the latter category, there's no denying it.) Our scheduler lets you create and save your newsletter, and then pick a time and date for it to be sent automatically.

Whether you're interested in improving your communications or are just a curious individual, Hamilton allows you to track newsletter stats and compare your last five newsletters. Our statistics page shows the number of recipients, the number of times a newsletter was opened, how the newsletter compares to the previous four, and the number of click through link traffic, and who has read your newsletter.

We're so sure that you'll like our service we decided to offer the first month free. Click here to try it now.

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