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how many people get to say it's been an emotional month business-wise and mean it in a great way?! i feel so lucky to get to dip my toes in so many different aspects of living! this month we've got new stuff for you and it covers such a range of emotions - we've got a new print on love and friendship, we've got redone holiday cards that celebrate living and mystery, AND we've got a brand new framed print and card designed specifically for anyone who wants to stay focused on their light. this whole living this is so darn full and can get so crazy. i'm truly thankful we've got each other to lean on and celebrate with as well.

squeezin' your hand,

greeting card packs!

happy everything

inside verse:
'let's celebrate!'



illuminating the nite

"illuminating the nite
with star bursts,
the light of hope
danced with the
knowing of its
and the world
knew beauty.
the world knew peace."

inside verse:
'wishing you peace
this holiday season.'

thank you

inside verse:
'you make a difference
in my world.'

for more holiday card packs, click here!

(want to share something? would love to include you! drop me a note and let me know your news! i'll share!)

*what a special moment when carol stopped by with her brand new workbook/playbook. even just holding it is a delight! how can a book feel soft?! carol helps you 'love the story of your life.' and if you don't know of her, or haven't seen her latest offerings, stop on by her website!

* anyone in the harrisonburg, va area experiencing loss and grief and need a little support? you may want to check out this seminar happening october 23rd. thanks, pam, for letting me know!

*kate, at mountain spirit gifts, in black mountain, north carolina closed her doors last month. we've worked with kate almost since the very beginning. she became our special shop - affectionately known up here as 'bone sigh arts south.' it's a partnership that will sorely be missed. i have met so many of you thru kate! i want to take a moment and thank her for all she's done for us and wish her great things on her new path! thank you, kate, for reminding me of the beauty of connection and trust. you are loved. so very very loved!

* i snagged this right off of diane's site as i thought it was such a great write up - "Through her organization I Am Subject, Diane helps us understand how we-as women-are impacted by the society in which we live. By claiming ourselves as subjects of our own lives, we become empowered and also provide strong role models for other women and girls. In healing ourselves we help others-a beautiful way for women to create nurturing, supportive communities. " you can find diane and her offerings here. thanks, diane!



~an offering from the heart~

there are so many times life just gets scary.
it could be an unexpected illness, it could be losing someone we love,
or maybe starting all over and facing a brand new life we aren't quite sure about...
it could be a thousand different things that bring us to our knees.
it is for those times that this framed print and card are offered.
i wanted to create something really special that a friend could give another friend
who was in a place where they needed some reminding of the stars inside of them.
i wanted to offer something someone could hang in a special place where they could
see it and read it, and maybe find some peace.
with that in mind, we offer you this framed print and gift card -


made of light

'made of light'

'you are made of light.
with stars inside of you.
hold the glory of who you are -
and embrace the awareness of you.
concentrate there.
the rest will take care of itself.'


~and by popular demand!~

this quote got such an overwhelming reception recently,
that we decided to make it into a print.
for our friends, our partners, those we love -


pulling me in, print

pulling me in

"it was your strength that attracted me to you
and yet it is your gentleness that holds me close.
it was your wise words i listened to and yet
it is your questioning that bonds me to you.
it was your belief in yourself that i admired
and yet it is your self doubt that endears you so.
the world of opposites that spin inside you
pull me in ever deeper.
and it is in that pull that love is born."



~bumper stickers!~

because who could resist?!

honour yourself, sticker you matter, sticker


Honor Yourself

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