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The Official Newsletter of the Revolution to Overthrow Bad Music - July 2014



It's RAIL TOUR TIME! And...YOU'RE INVITED! (Of course!) Announcing.....


Someone said something once, believe it or not. It went like: "If you want to change the world, change people's perceptions of it."

What do you say we go change the world for thirty thousand people? Are ya with me?

All aboaaaaard!

OK, so here's what's up. Music builds common ground. So, let's start a global jam session. Let's...make a music video with the world!!! Starring you, your friends, and me, too!

Let's get it out there to thirty thousand people. Let's show them - and ourselves - that we work together better than we realize. Let's change the world! (and use lots of boldface type and mis-matched font sizes.)

As cliche as it sounds - I can't do it without you! It's a joint project, and well, I hope you can join in the fun! It's time for the #JURT 3.0, dubbed The Planetary Jam,and we'll traveling the east coast by rail, and the world by wire.


I'm posting a song on my website soon (still recording it, actually.) It's about the world jamming. I'll be boarding a train on 8/1, touring the east coast, and jamming on the street with anyone and everyone (I hope you can join me!) MEANWHILE, here's where you comrades come in:

1. You download the tour song available soon (for free, of course.)

2. You video yourself rockin' out to it - your very own music video of sorts. Preferably rockin' out with a broom as an air guitar! This is one of the main themes of the vid, and I'll be using my broom guitar on the road.

3. Post it back to the tour using the hashtag #JURT on any social media. I'll be collecting all videos and mashing them up into the main vid. The whole world really WILL be jammin! I'll be including clips and splices from all the videos to combine them into a mega vid! Musicians - please feel free to send tracks along, too - guitar solos, xylophone accents, you name it! I'll mix 'em into the song! (Meanwhile, I'll be recording my journey, too!)

(Jammin' on the streets of Richmond with comrade Aram and the Broom Guitar!)
[NEW] broom.jpg

Special forces needed! Special forces needed!

Comrades, to make this really work and go big, there needs to be a whole bunch of us involved. So, I'm calling any and all comrades to join the"special forces" who are definitely on board with this. (everyone is welcome to join in at any time, too, of course!)Be part of the special forces, get in the vid, get your name in the credits, and be on the team that makes this rock! Sound like you? Drop me an email, and we'll talk! Comrades - I need you! Seriously!AND: it's all fun and games, seriously! For the video to really rock, the more people involved, the better, and I could so use your help. Let's build something cool! Let's get something that gets at least thirty thousand views on YouTube. Let's change the world for thirty thousand people - and us!

(Check out this fitting early Josh propaganda...a fridge magnet for my guitar students almost ten years ago)
[NEW] IMAG4013.jpg

Tour Schedule

I'll be setting up some official event invites, but basically, if I'm in your city, let's jam! Come on down and join in the video shoot on the street! If you don't know how to play music, no worries, I'll teach you how to play broom guitar in two minutes! Or, you can just dance the special dance that I'll be making up. Hello, Zumba "skills!"And for international and out of town comrades, I'll be hosting online jam sessions and hangouts! Here's the schedule:

8/1 8/2 NYC
8/3 Philly

Monday through Thursday - online concerts and jam sessions (HELLO, WORLD!) and in Waldorf, MD

8/8 Charlottesville, VA
8/9 Charlotte, NC
8/10 Richmond, VA

Monday through Thursday - online (HELLO AGAIN, WORLD!) and in Waldorf, MD

8/15 Alexandria, VA
8/16 Baltimore, MD
8/17 Washington, DC

PLUS - a Waldorf or La Plata jam session TBA! Let's jam, comrades!

Profound thanks to the sponsors and partners!

This tour is promising to be the biggest and best yet, and that's definitely with the help of some rockin' folks. I'd like to express some serious gratitude to the official partners of the 2014 Planetary Jam, and tell you what they're doing to help! Please go check 'em out, and support them!

The folks over at Island Music rock. Not only do they host concerts for the Guitarmy, giving the opportunity to open for Billy Sheehan and Michael Angelo Batio, but they're hooking me up with supplies for the tour. Since it's a worldwide jam, I call them...The official Guitar Shop of the WORLD!

Positive Impact Magazine has been SO rockin'! First off, they have been so awesome hosting blogs about the previous tour, and then put THIS article in, with a listing on the COVER! I'll be doing an article about this tour - I can't wait! To top it off, they sent me a video camera for the video on the road. WOOO! So kind!!!

Bone Sigh Arts always has a special place in my's my ma's company! Big thanks to them for helping out with some of the supplies, and for always always being there!, my bros' graphic design firm, built the official site. It rocks. And they did the photography, too. Those guys are GOOD! has been providing invaluable consulting resources and will be hosting a tour blog...I can't thank those guys enough!

The Herald Square Hotel is graciously donating a room to the tour for the NYC stop. Even if they weren't, they'd still be my favorite hotel in New York. Truly outstanding - even the bathroom has a little bitty chandelier, and they're in the old Life magazine building. TOO COOL! Highlyrecommended!

JTV Digital is a rockin' digital distribution service...and I'm proud to be an endorse-ee of them! They'll be putting the new tune on iTunes, as well as hosting a blog about the tour. I'm proud to work with my friends in France! They're awesome!

The Phoenix internet radio station will be hosting an exclusive daily tour update! These guys are da bomb, and you should be listening to them all the time! Tremendously supportive of indie and local musicians, they go way out of their way to help...and they spin my music frequently, too! WOOO! Thanks, fellas, I so appreciate it!

In closing

OK - main thing: GET READY TO ROCK! The train leaves on 8/1! Hit me up if you'd like to be part of the special forces. I hope every single one of you comrades can be involved in our tour. It's gonna be a total blast! If you're near the cities that I'm playing at, come jam. If not, catch the shows online! I can't wait to go jam with you. Let's go change the world!

All aboard!

- Josh

Rock God Music, LLC 3195 Old Washington Road, Suite 222 Waldorf MD 20602 240. 682. 2801
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