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it's valentine's day! a day of love! anyone feelin' down cause they don't have the perfect romantic love in their life? anyone feelin' down cause they're just plain lonely? well, that's why i'm sending this newsletter today! cause i wanted to send you love and to remind you to send yourself some! if we can concentrate on the giving of love today and not so much on the getting of love - i bet we have a rockin' cool day no matter what our deal is! are you ready to sprinkle love today?! let's sprinkle a little all over the place and make it a day to remember. and while we're busy sprinkling it - please, please don't forget to sprinkle it all over yourself! you are beautiful!

throwin' some hearts your way and definitely appreciating you! ...terri


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* we've got some awesome cool women to share with you in this month's spotlight! come on over and visit dorrie and lisa! they're beautiful sisters helping us create our dreams! lisa and dorrie, it's a pleasure to have you with us! thank you for all you give to the world!

* want to thank all you guys who link us on your blogs, and websites. it truly helps us grow and i just can't thank you enough! if you're looking for a pretty little bone sigh banner for your site, come on by here and grab one! and thank you to all of you who have already done so!



a special valentine for you!

i really wanted to offer something special for valentine's day.
something that would remind you that you're beautiful just the way you are.
i thought this new print was exactly what i was looking for.
from my heart to yours........


sacred vessel
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new cards!



ter's shares!

how about a valentine give away?!
one of my favorite prints is called 'touching love.'
it's not just for that romantic love - it's for anyone you touch love with!
we're offering a LIMITED EDITION print that's a matted finished size of 5"x7"
FREE with every order over $75! all you have to do is type in the words
'touching love' in the special notes section on the order page when your order
is over $75. i'll just add it right into your order! viola!

ters shares

(click here for larger view!)


finding yourself in that ol' grass is greener trap? it's so easy to fall into! specially today! wanted to offer a reminder that we don't need to be there. that there's much to be grateful right in our own yard. and wanted to offer a reminder that it's a day of love - which includes loving ourselves. let's hop in and start spreadin' the love.

oh valentine my valentine, is the grass always greener on the other side of the hearts?
i've certainly felt it was at different times in my life. many different times.
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if i could

if i could teach you anything -
it would be to hear your heart,
and know your beauty
and to believe in your possibilities.

click here to view 'if i could'


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