• Tri-fold
  • Custom Imagery

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  • Vector Design
  • Full Rights

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Book Covers
  • Custom Imagery
  • Front & Back

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CD Artwork
  • Custom Imagery
  • Front, Back, Disc

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Graphic Design is where image becomes tangible, where branding is born, and where the fine line between art and science takes a bow and exits the stage. From logos to album artwork, billboards to business cards, we sculpt design in all shapes and styles. If you can think it, we can design it.

We utilize everything from color psychology to graphology to create effective and powerful design. We believe that styles and tastes differ, but good design is unchanging and unfailingly noticeable.

Mazuzu Design Services
$40 + 5%
  • File Prep
  • Submission

  • Analysis of Branding
  • Rework and Update

  • Remove Blemishes
  • Correct Tint/Contrast

  • Vector Tracing
  • Image Slicing

Friendly Knowledgable TeamThe Mazuzu Promise: energy, passion, and focus on the end goal; we will always continue past "that'll do" in pursuit of excellence; we will only create designs we know to be right by all standards; and we only take on projects we find interesting. Working with us will be a process full of fun, oddity, and interest—a process culminating in a result that satisfies everyone.
I have worked with Mazuzu on several occasions. To say that I was satisfied is definitely an understatement. I received the final product on time and surpassing my greatest expectations.
– Raymond S.