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From workflow to data security, informed decisions are invariably the result of having the support of insightful and trusted advisers. Technology evolves rapidly and what was unattainable yesterday can be possible today and a cinch tomorrow. For this reason it is essential to repeatedly question how technology can improve every aspect of business from productivity to profit.

Tech Consulting

Tech jargon is lovely, is it not? In a field where entire languages become obsolete in the blink of an eye, further obfuscation hardly seems necessary. Perhaps the allure of acronyms and buzz words is difficult for geeks like us to resist, and before you know it, actual words become as rare as sanity at a Bjork concert. Not to worry, under the layer of confusing words is technology that is surprisingly easy to comprehend.

Brand Consulting

Branding, design, development, copy writing, usability, written and nonverbal communication, ease of access, style, imagery, and much more merge together into creating one image which is critically assessed by people in a fraction of a second. Is your image coherent? Does your image convey who you are at a core level? Does your image inspire people to take action, buy things, get involved, and feel that they are home? All questions we deem worthy of musing upon, worthy asking others with different perspectives, and worth returning to often.

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I am seriously inexperienced when it comes to computers but the team at Mazuzu not only came to my rescue, they did it with patience and respect for my knowledge base. Their work is superior, as is their attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism. I thought customer service was a dying art until I worked with Mazuzu. They have been a major asset to my nonprofit and I credit them for my increased exposure, readership, and donations. I couldn't have done this without them - love this company!
– Patricia M.