Micro Expression
Recognition Training

Recognition training of fleeting involuntary facial expressions often known as micro expressions. These expressions can be extremely accurate in portraying concealed emotion, yet often go unnoticed due to their extremely short duration (1/25 - 1/15 second). This app is designed to improve skills in recognizing concealed emotions. App Store Google Play
micro expressions
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How does a website remember you? (How cookies work)

Watch How does a website remember you? (What cookies are) on Youtube
From user accounts to shopping carts, websites use cookies to keep track of visitors in order to properly display content. We’ve all heard of cookies but what exactly are they? Good question.

A cookie is a small amount of data stored on a user’s computer and sent back with various requests. In short, it’s typically a user ID. Once a website understands who you are, it can deliver information relevant to you specifically—shopping carts, user dashboards, targeted ads, and much more.
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